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The Administration of ZIMCAN

The present Executive Committee consists of the Chair, the vice-Chair, the Organising Secretary, the Secretary, the Treasurer, the Deputy Treasurer, Youth Co-ordinator, Fund Raising Committee Members. The Executive Committee meets every third Saturday of the month to discuss issues which affect the running of ZIMCAN and any items brought to its attention by the members of the Association.

Members of the Executive Committee are elected on an annual basis at the Annual General Meeting which is held in October each year. Only paid up ZIMCAN members of the year being reviewed are eligible to vote at the AGM.

The 2020 Executive Committee Members are:

Chair - Francis Nhamo.

Vice - Chair -  Sue Busayi.  

Secretary - Sarah Nhamo.

Treasurer -
Vaida Moyo. 

Executive Committee Members - Dr G Mamutse, Dr Hope Gangata, Pastor Aaron  Machaya, Thandiwe Ziro, Dorothy Tembo, Humphrey Moyo, Everjoice Makuve and Joy Mujuru.


Obert Murwira on the London Forum 30.04.11

Listen to Obert Murwira, a founding member of the Zimbabwean Community Association in Norwich in the UK by accessing the London Forum 30.04.11 podcast here.

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