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ZIMCAN is setting up an African Internship programme for International students based in Norwich. We are looking for two ladies who can teach International students to cook Zimbabwean meals on two evenings per year, and two people to mark three page reports on Zimbabwean culture etc. Please see further information below and email Hope Gangata ( if you are able to help.

African Cultural Internship/practical course objectives:

An eight months part time cultural internship/practical course based in Norwich (about 6 hours per month).
A maximum of six students can be taken.

In return, the cultural internship/practical course will

• broaden your cultural experiences for related future jobs,

• provide cultural references,

• provide access to a welcoming African community in Norwich.

After successfully completing the nine objectives outlined below, a certificate of completion will be awarded by the Executive Committee of the Zimbabwean Community Association Norwich.


1. Learn 100 of the most commonly used words of an African language (Shona or Ndebele language).

2. Be able to source the ingredients and cook two African traditional dishes visit two different families to learn and attend a cooking test.

3. Demonstrate awareness of African (Zimbabwean) culture towards funerals and marriages.

4. Should purchase (from anywhere) and own one  piece of African clothing. 

5. Show awareness of pre and post Independence politics in Zimbabwe.

6. Provide a detailed account of having a two week backpackers holiday trip to a African country (Zimbabwe) on a student budget.

7. Assist in the organising and running of two social events run by an African community in Norwich (Zimbabwean Community in Norwich)

8. Lunch BBQ at the UEA grounds with Zimbabweans.

9. Present a final five minute Power point presentation of the main highlights of your internship.

If you are interested in broadening your cultural understanding of Africa while living in Norwich, please send your application letter and CV to The application deadline is the Saturday the 24th of March 2012. For further information contact Hope. There will be a £60 fee to cover the running costs and we will be taking a maximum of six students.

Download the African Cultural Programme poster from here.

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